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Dew Point Transmitter

Leading Technology for Humidity & Dew Point Sensors

The ZDC Tech’s patented hybrid dielectric sensors are the world’s most advanced humidity/dew point sensors manufactured using the latest nanotechnology, featuring with long-term stability, fast response, and durability in extremely high/low humidity levels. It can be recovered even after exposure to liquid water! It can monitor both dew point and temperature with a temperature sensor provided. Proper use of the meter can provide lifelong reliability without recalibration. The superior performance of the sensor makes it an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

Recently we developed a new generation of dew point sensors with a response speed that is five times faster than that of the last generation.

Our Products & Services

     E80:   Dew Point from -80°C DP to +20°C DP

     E100: Dew Point from -100°C DP to +20°C DP


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